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Your Experienced Energy Conservation Specialists in New York

Since 1972, the professionals at Energy Wise New York have been completing remodel services in White Plains. In the past 10 years, we have evolved into energy conservation and solar energy specialist. Our experienced energy professionals know how to increase your property's efficiency while also capturing free energy from the sun. We even have special training and expertise in finding the best system for each individual installation, even helping clients to find financial incentives, grants, and tax refunds for their energy conservation efforts. All of our work is completed by our own employees; we don't use sub-contractors. Our Westchester County electricians are dedicated to providing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to New York's home and business owners. Our goal is to help you to do your part in preserving the environment, reducing dependency on fossil fuels, and reducing our community's carbon footprint.

Residential & Commercial Energy Efficiency Experts • Solar Thermal & Solar Electric Systems in the White Plains Areas

New York solar panels

Harness The Power of Sun

Our professionals complete every phase of your solar installation, from start-to-finish. We'll find the best configuration that fits your property and gives you optimal energy production. Photovoltaic panels allow you to collect free energy from the power of the sun. The generated electricity can be used immediately to reduce your paid energy consumption. When energy consumption levels are low and you collect more power than you can use, our solar panel systems will send power in reverse back to the grid, which rolls your energy bill backwards!

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Professional Energy Audits

We use state of the art equipment when completing our energy audits. We use blower door systems to find air leaks that cause energy loss. Our thermal imaging equipment also helps to determine points throughout the interior and exterior of your building that are not energy efficient. After completing your energy audit, we complete the necessary air sealing and insulation to reduce energy loss and improve your energy efficiency. This ultimately reduces your energy consumption, your energy bill, and your carbon footprint.

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Licensed Master Electrician

We provide full service electrical work as completed by skilled, licensed professionals with years of service in the White Plains area.

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Grants & Tax Refunds

In the ever-changing world of finance, our experts help you to find incentives, grants, and tax refunds to reduce your personal investment costs.

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Generators & Remodeling

We also offer other services, such as back-up power generation systems, basement finishing systems, and pre-fabricated sun room installation.

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If you are looking for an energy efficiency expert in New York then please call 914-469-8187 or complete our online request form.